Stop for a second!

You've reached a milestone in your life. Take a snapshot of who you are now, tomorrow

your life is changing dramatically!

Stop for a second!

You've reached a milestone in your life. Take a snapshot of who you are now, tomorrow

your life is changing dramatically!


You've been anticipating it, or quite the opposite: you'd rather delay it. Either way, your senior year is soon over! Prom, exams and before you know you're not a high school student any more. You're ready to spread your wings and take on the world. But before you start the next chapter, let's capture this one with a Senior Portrait Session!

What's a Senior Portrait Session?

A photo session tailored just for you, with an outcome of an album of amazing photos of who you are.

Below you will find all the necessary information you need to decide whether you'd like to have your senior portraits taken by me. Let's walk through the senior portraits timeline from start to finish.

How it works

Planning the details

In order for this Album to really be about You, we'll find the time to plan out all the details. We'll either meet in person or schedule a video call and discuss your interests and styles and the things you are most drawn to and how you see yourself. Based on this we'll choose the locations, outfits and maybe even props. We'll get to know each other enough so that the photos can truly reflect who you are and also so that when the day of the session comes, you do not have to stand in front of the camera of a total stranger. We'll create an inspirational board and discuss our ideas for photos so that the result of the shoot totally meets (and even exceeds!) your expectations.

Your portrait session

This is it! The day we've been planning for. We are going to have a blast! I will make you feel confident and have fun. Depending on how many locations we use, your session will last between 3-4 hours (or 2x2 hours). This gives us plenty of time to travel between locations and for outfit changes. This will be a creative afternoon of fun!

Let's see and show the result!

A couple of weeks after your portrait session you'll get to view your gorgeous senior photos in an on-line gallery and choose your favorites, that you will receive in digital format to store and share. And while digital files are wonderful, they are not tangible, not archival. Technology changes fast, but a printed image can last for generations! When we meet I will show you a sample of all the great printed art pieces you can have your photos on: wall art, an album or prints, so it will be easy for you to chose the way you wish to show and gift your photos to your loved ones.

So far, the most frequent questions and my answers:

How should we time the session?

As far as the time of year, it really depends on you, your style and personality. Which season suits you best? Are you hoping to wear shorts/ sundresses and take beach photos? Then a late spring or a summer session may be perfect for you. Do you feel more comfortable in jeans, sweaters, scarves and hats? Then you may enjoy a fall session best. Please note that between November and April weather and light conditions are not the most ideal for outdoor photography. But if you are Elsa or Christoff from Frozen, I will adjust!

The ideal timing of the first contact is 6-8 weeks before the desired date for the session.

Erm.... and what should I wear?

As we plan your session together, I will help you with suggestions for how to complete your outfits. I recommend having at least 3-4 outfits: an everyday typical (of you), one that you would wear to impress a date:) and a somewhat more serious, or casual smart set. In addition, if we are taking athlete or specific activity shots, you should have the appropriate attire/gear for that, too.

How do we select locations?

We want your senior portraits to be a reflection of YOU, so we'll work together to find the perfect locations that mean the most to you and help tell your story. If you only know you'd like waterside photos, I will give you options and you select whichever you'd like. I have shot at a wide range of great spots, so we'll definitely find those that are the best for you.

Can I bring my dog along? And my bestie?

Definitely yes! If there is another creature that plays a major role in this period of your life, let's take a couple of shots with them. We'll begin our session with these photos so you can easily schedule them for approx. 15 minutes and then we'll move on.

Will you retouch blemishes or scratches?

Absolutely! I will hand edit every image in your gallery, I want you to love your images. However, I do not warp curves (either way:) I do not change shape or size. If you have a feature that you are not happy with, I will make sure not to accentuate it. However, as it is still a part of you and thus contributes to your being unique, I will not alter it.

What about make up and hair?

If you require the services of a make-up artist I can recommend a professional that I've worked with for years and whose experience and qualities I totally trust. She can also adjust your hair. The make-up and hair services are not included in the Senior Portrait Session prices.

Will I get all of the digital files?

I take hundreds of photographs during the portrait session. Afterwards I select those that are technically correct and are the most advantagous or flattering. Also, there will be several very similar ones so I will get rid of duplicates. Then I will process and retouch what's left. So you get to pick your favorites from among the best shots. I do not show or offer RAW or unedited files. Ever.

Prices and products

The basic product of our photoshoot is a gallery of digital photos. But you can decide how you'd like to enjoy, share and display these photos. Therefore, I offer a selection of printed products that you can either choose as part of a package or pick from the list. However, you may also choose not to purchase any print product, or order sometime later. I will save your photos for a year, so you have ample time to decide.

The Digital

The price of the Digital package of the Senior Portrait Session is 110.000 forints. It covers the first meeting, planning and the approximately 4-hour (or two 2-hour) photoshoot(s) and 30 professionally retouched digital images of your selection in two file sizes, downloadable from an on-line gallery.

The Heirloom

This package contains besides The Digital package

  • one 20x20 centimeter, 30-page premium photo album,
  • one 40x50 cm canvas on frame
  • 20pcs of 13x18 cm quality prints

in a gift box. The price of the Heirloom package is 155.000 forints.

A' la carte

Print products can be ordered on an a'la carte basis as well:

Premium quality photo book in gift box, 20x20 cm, 30 pages: 30.000 forints

Premium quality photo book in gift box, 27x27 cm, 30 pages: 40.000 forints

Canvas on frame, 25x25 or 20x30 cm: 9.000 forints

Canvas on frame, 40x50 cm: 12.000 forints

20 db quality prints in gift box: 6.000 forints

Digital photos beyond the 30 included in the packages: 4.000 Ft/image

Canvas in size other than listed above can be ordered, price depends on size.

Gallery of Senior Portrait Sessions